Cool Ways to Enjoy the Summer Heat

It was freezing cold one morning then suddenly I was saying a line from Nelly’s hit single in 2002, “Hot in Herre”. Yes, summer is almost here. While some are excited planning summer getaways in a quaint beach resort, there are those who scream and are filled with dread. Summer isn’t that bad because it brings a number of benefits. Though the heat can sometimes be unbearable which causes havoc on your power bill, there are various ways to keep it cool and enjoy the summer heat.

Summer is a good thing because it’s the next long vacation you have after the holidays. It is the perfect time to go to the beach or in a secluded place to relax and rejuvenate. Doing so helps ease stress and tension resulting in a healthier mind and body.

Moreover, outdoor activities are also good because it intensifies your exposure to Vitamin D. This is vital for normal growth as well as the development of bones and teeth. Not only that, but Vitamin D also improves resistance against certain diseases.

In a nutshell, summer helps boost your immune system and motivation. But along comes the heat which in turn, becomes uncomfortable even deadly. That is why it is essential to keep your body cool throughout the summer.

How? By doing the following:

Drink, Drink and Drink

Summer Lemon

Water – Everyone knows that water is good for the mind and body. Water increases energy, flushes out toxins, moisturizes skin, and relieves and prevents headaches due to dehydration. But during summer, increasing your water intake is a must.

Coconut Water – Instead of soda, sports drinks, or energy drinks, you can try fresh coconut water. It is naturally refreshing and replenishes electrolytes giving back your body the nutrients it deserves.

Lemon Water – If you’re not a coconut lover but would like to add flavours to your drink, may I suggest adding lemon? Lemon is one useful citrus fruit. Both the zest and the juice can be added in salads, chicken recipes even sodas. By squeezing half a lemon to water and drinking one glass of it every day helps boost your immune system. Not to mention, improves digestion and prevents summer weather problems such as dehydration, heartburn and nausea.

Prepare Cold Treats
Apart from healthy drinks, you can also sweeten your summer. Milk teas and halo-halo are easily available during summer. In every corner of the street, you’ll see someone selling homemade milk teas, halo-halo, and other pampalamig. But if you’re avoiding the afternoon heat, you can prepare easy homemade cold treats you can enjoy anytime.

Green Tea Ice Cream – With a number of antioxidants, sipping a hot green tea rejuvenates the skin, the hair and the nails. It is also good for keeping you hydrated, lowering cholesterol levels, raising metabolism rates, and fighting cancer as well as heart disease. For summer, drinking a cold green tea is a good idea especially since it does not compromise the benefits. From hot to cold, why not make green tea ice cream? Hit two birds with one stone. Those who love ice cream but hates green tea can also share the benefits it gives to those who drink it.

Summer Green Tea IC
Lipton Green Tea Ice Cream


Frozen Fruits – Pick fruits that are juicy and perfect for this season like berries, kiwi, mango, papaya, pineapple, and watermelon. Slice them up into cubes and place in a container. You can add grape juice or coconut water. Just choose which juice a group should have. It all depends on your taste. Then place it inside the freezer or fridge.

Fruity Ice Candy – Ice candy is popular in the Philippines. To do this, you will need ice candy plastic bags.  Add in the fruits you want and then add pineapple juice or whatever juice you desire. It all depends on your taste. Once done, put it in the freezer. Wait until it freezes and it’s ready for consumption.


Keep Your Surroundings Cool
You drink plenty of water. You eat your cold treats. Now all you need is to surround yourself with cool things. Air conditioning is a bad idea unless you have the budget. But then again, that will definitely be bad for your health.

Perhaps rearranging the furniture, changing curtains and opening windows would be better. Inspect your home. There might be things you need to throw out or sell. There might also be things that need to be put in their proper place. Once done, rearrange the furniture making sure it’s not blocking the windows.

Also, check the windows itself. Are the curtains hanging there cause the lack of fresh air? Bring them down and replace it with cheerful and lightweight ones. White is my personal favourite when it comes to curtains, light green and yellow are also nice for an earthy type of home.

And instead of air conditioning, you can save a lot if you learn to open the windows. Or maybe use a fan or an electric fan. For an additional cooling effect, you can put some ice cubes in a bowl and place it in front of the electric. Viola! Say hello to the cool air.

Summer Plants

In addition, placing plants around your home is a great idea. Plants love sunshine. They will help cool your home during summer as well as beautify it.

These are only a few of the many ways you can do to keep cool during summer. Not everyone likes summer; however, one has to learn to embrace it because in a few months it will be monsoon season again. You will definitely miss the sun. So while summer is here, search for other cool and fun ways for you to enjoy the heat.

Happy summer!

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