HortiKultura Extravaganza: a Haven for Plant Lovers

Driving around without a destination can either lead to disaster or a discovery of something beautiful. In my case, it’s the latter part. Seeing all things green and being surrounded by ornamental and flowering plants, I discovered a haven horticulturalists and gardening hobbyists would surely love.

HortiKultura (14)

It was a warm Sunday morning when my family and I passed by Quezon City Memorial Circle. Hanging near the entrance is a tarpaulin that says Horti-Kultura Extravaganza 2015 along with images of plants. The first thing that popped in my head is my Grandmother who loves plants. In fact, she has a green thumb and loves visiting the Quezon City Circle Garden where numerous plants are sold.

So we parked the car and walked towards the exhibit.

Horti-Kultura Extravaganza 2015

HortiKultura Extravaganza is the Philippine Horticultural Society Inc.‘s first garden show of the year. With the theme, “Yaman sa Paghahalaman” (Wealth in Growing Plants), HortiKultura Extravaganza featured various activities such as lecture, workshops, and exhibits.

  • National Horticulture Congress January 21 -22
  • Horticulture Philippines 2015 Landscape and Commercial Exhibits Jan 23 – February 02
  • International Tradeshow January 23 – January 27
  • Floats & Parade January 23
  • Horticultural Tour January 24

Entrance to the event was free. But we also wanted to see the amazing landscapes and plants included in the Plants and Landscape Competition. We went to the Tropical Garden area and paid a small amount to witness pure beauty. Here are a few pictures I took.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”5″ gal_title=”HortiKultura Extravaganza: a Haven for Plant Lovers”]

I have been having a series of asthma attacks that week. Taking a short break from pollution and spending a few hours in the garden show was truly revitalizing as well as awe-inspiring. If we could just lift our house and place it there, days will definitely be brighter.

Moreover, we also discovered new things around the exhibit, one of which is the Dragon Fruit Ice Cream. I haven’t tasted the fruit itself but some told me the fruit is quite bland. What about the ice cream, you ask? It tastes good. If I’m not mistaken, they added small cubes of white cheese for some additional flavor. It was perfect for that hot Sunday afternoon.

Horti-Kultura Extravaganza 2015 (3)

Apart from that, we also took the time to explore the booths around the area. I’m guessing there were more than 100 booths selling plants, orchids, fertilizer and other gardening tools.

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I bought my grandmother her favorite flowering plant – orchids. Upon arriving home, she arranged and placed them along with the other plants in our little garden.

After experiencing HortiKultura Extravaganza, we are excited to attend the Flora Filipina Expo 2015 on February 25 to March 9, 2015 at the Quezon City Memorial Circle in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture, Department of Tourism and Quezon City Memorial Circle.

Flora Filipina 2015

There are many activities lined up for this event including a trade show of 150 booths of plant and flower companies, for both commercial display and sale. If you love plants, visit the Quezon Memorial Circle on the dates above.

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