Trese Book 6: High Tide at Midnight – The Comic Book Review

Following the story of Trese Book 5: Midnight Tribunal where many questions arose due to the emergence of Maliksi, the return of the Madame, and the appearance of Trese’s brothers are Trese Book 6: High Tide at Midnight. Similar to Book 5, High Tide at Midnight also moved away from the format of the earlier books. Despite that, the newest instalment is action-packed marking the return of old friends and the rise of a new evil.

The sixth book is the thickest and probably the most difficult to get your hands on. As soon as it became available in bookstores, I went out to buy a copy. Unfortunately, they ran out and I didn’t want to go home disappointed. So I purchased the Kambal Trese mini-plush at Filbar’s P90 each!

Five days after, I first tried the National Bookstore in SM North. The kind lady at NBS gave me funny look. She said many were asking about Trese and I was the first one for that day. She was sure many will be asking later that afternoon.

The unceasing rain muffles the screams of the victims being pulled down, down into the murky flood waters.
In the places too high to be reached by the flood, the party continues for the privileged, who indulge in a new designer drug which grants them the supernatural abilities of enkanto and aswang.

These are the murders and mysteries Alexandra Trese needs to solve as the tide continues to rise at the stroke of midnight.

The book starts with PAGASA declaring signal no. 1 all over the metro. We all know how easily the streets get flooded with or without a typhoon. But in the Trese universe we know what the real cause of such heavy flooding and downpours – an elemental like in Book 2 Case 8: The Association Dues of Livewell Village where Bagyon Lektro, a lightning elemental was featured.

In High Tide at Midnight, we have Bagyon Yente as well as the Taga-Dagat Gang and their drugs from Mr Sorbetero that transform any creature from the underworld into something grotesque and lethal. Meanwhile, the Madame whose intentions and side are unclear is silently carrying out her plans.

Following the format of the Midnight Tribunal, Trese Book 6 showed huge progress in the story and growth in each character. Not to mention, the action-packed encounters, return of old friends, and the rise of a new evil. Avid readers can now map the entire story and probably formulate their hypothesis. Most certainly, new readers who chose to read Book 6 first will not be disappointed because there is great life in this satisfying instalment.

Again, Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo created a masterpiece. With the recent release of Trese Book 6: High Tide at Midnight, you should probably brush up on your knowledge about the Trese Universe and be ready for what’s coming.



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  2. Excellent review without being too spoiler! If you liked Trese, I’m guessing you’ll also dig Filipino Heroes League and Skyworld.

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    1. Thank you, Markus! I will definitely check that out. 🙂


  3. You have an interesting content here.


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