Inspired Eating at Tao Yuan by New Peach Blossoms Restaurant

Dining at Tao Yuan involves eating delicious food in a pleasant and inspiring setting. The name Tao Yuan which means peach garden suggests beauty and colors.

Tao Yuan

Located at Chimes Square in Congressional Avenue Extension, my lola and I decided to have a belated birthday dinner for my ninong at Tao Yuan. The restaurant wasn’t that big and the tables on the first floor were easily filled. But the courteous staff informed us that there are more tables on the second floor. With their assistance, it was easier for my grandmother to take the stairs.

As we took a step, I can’t help but take note of the things I saw from the first floor up to the second. It was like a simple fairy tale slash seeing my dream room. The place is covered in snow white with sky blue walls, peach blossoms, and inspirational quotes.

Apart from that, the chairs and tables are comfortable and neatly aligned. Just looking at the setting, you may think the space isn’t enough. But once you are seated, there’s plenty of room for everyone. I guess that’s the advantage of having a small space. Only a few people are present, so you can enjoy a peaceful meal with your family, friends, or significant other.

Inspired Eating
Tao Yuan serves great tasting Chinese food at affordable prices. They also offer rice toppings starting at Php140, affordable meals for as low as Php70/order, and a Set Menu for Php1265. Various shakes such as Malunggay, Pipino, and Carrot are also available for only Php45 as well as desserts as low as Php15.

While waiting for our food, we were given kropek (crackers) placed in a cute baby pink bucket. Apart from a little snacking, I took the chance to take photos of the beautiful things my eyes are seeing.


Indeed, the food tastes great. Not to mention, the ample servings and reasonable price. My favorite is the Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet and Mixed Vegetables Lohon Style. Both are light yet delightful for my taste buds. Another favorite is the Pipino Shake. I love eating pipino and I definitely love drinking it too! Of all the pipino shakes I’ve tried, this is my second favorite.

During dinner, my ninong and abuela were discussing about Peach Blossoms Restaurant. They were quite sure that the owner is from Zamboanga and this somewhat reminded them about Peach Blossoms Restaurant. One of their favorite go-to places to eat.

As we were heading out, my ninong asked one of the staff and she did confirm. Tao Yuan is by New Peach Blossoms Restaurant and also the owner is from Zamboanga. That is why they kept looking at us when we spoke Chavacano because the language seemed familiar to them.


If you are looking for a place with a soothing ambiance and great food at affordable prices, I can recommend Tao Yuan by New Peach Blossoms Restaurant. I can also honestly say that besides these, the paintings and words on the walls will make your dining experience extra peaceful.

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3 responses to “Inspired Eating at Tao Yuan by New Peach Blossoms Restaurant”

  1. Hi Clari,

    Cute place and affordable too. Thank you for posting this! Would you know how to commute to Chimes Square from Cubao or Trinoma? Hoping for your favorable response. Thanks! 🙂


    1. Hello Karen,

      Thank you for reading my post. Regarding your question, let’s just say you’re coming from SM North, okay?

      So from SM North EDSA you could ride the e-jeepney. According to reports, there are 14 stops but you will go down on the 7th one – Tierra Purra.

      From SM North EDSA Terminal
      1. Road 3
      2. Congressional Avenue cor Mindanao Avenue
      3. Northridge Plaza
      4. Congressional Ave cor Visayas
      5. Congressional Ave cor Tandang Sora
      6. UP Professors Subdivision
      7. Tierra Pura

      Just look for Chimes Square’s lighthouse 🙂 It’s just in front of Brewing Point –

      ❤ Clari


  2. […] Peach Blossoms – This restaurant was first named as Tao Yuan by New Peach Blossoms Restaurant. If I am not mistaken, they changed their name to New Peach Blossoms on October 2015. […]


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