How to Avoid Post-Holiday Blues

Before going back to work or school, people should not only devote their remaining free days to let’s say family outings, reunions, traveling, drinking, and/ or eating too much. Having a long holiday break makes people extremely excited which in turn energizes them to do many things. The point of taking a break is not only to have fun but to de-stress as well.

Image courtesy of Feelart at
Image courtesy of Feelart at

So before going back to reality, do consider the later part. This will help you be in shape to face what lies ahead. And just like you, I will also be going back on Monday. It’s sad but I am slowly preparing myself. As much as possible, I would like to avoid post-vacation blues or post-holiday blues. I suggest you do the same.

Below is a list I created on how to avoid post-vacation blues or post-holiday blues. People have different ways in dealing with this kind of situation but this is how I do it.

Take it Slow
Just because the break is almost over you sit around and wish you could stop time or travel back. Face reality but take it slow. Maybe take a look back. Check your phone or camera and view the pictures and videos you took during Christmas and New Year’s. I found it satisfying and relaxing to check photos and videos and edit them. I rarely post photos especially create an album but this is the perfect time to post an album or two on Facebook.

Read and Write
While watching the news, there was a report about creating a “Happy or Fun Jar” and reading the notes is a great help to start the year. That’s actually a good idea. You can write quotes, lines from friends, experiences, feelings, and so on a piece of paper and put it in a jar. You can open them anytime you want.

Or, you can read your previous planner/s. I have been doing this since the day I started to use one. Life is full of ups and downs. I would like to learn from my past decisions, faults, and whatnot. Just make sure you do not dwell on your past too much. Also, write down your feelings, thoughts or ideas on the last page of your old planner. Leave all the emotions in writing. This will help you disregard negative thoughts and clear your mind. And when you start using your new planner, only positive ideas and hope will reside.

Pamper Yourself
I know what you’re thinking. Pampering involves money and we don’t have the budget. I agree. However, you can do this at home. I bought a few items from Watsons – Botanical Choice Dark Circle Reducer Eye Patches, Watsons’ Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips, and Watson’s Firming & Moisturizing Facial Mask with Cucumber extract and collagen.

Facial Products

These aren’t that expensive really and it’s fun when you do it with your family or friends. While pampering, you can chat and plan the year ahead. Though the holiday break is almost over, it’s not the end of all vacations. You can plan about that. But if you prefer to be alone and in solitude, just stay in your room throughout the session. Read a magazine or close your eyes and listen to a soothing music. This will help you relax your mind and body.

Take a Step
From all the eating and drinking during the holidays, exercise is indeed needed. To be honest, I never stopped exercising daily though I just started doing so for two months. Since I work at home, a huge percent of my movements decreased. Walking, running, riding the jeepney, and taking the train involved a lot of movements.

Move it

I see to it that I do some deep breathing exercise in the morning for my asthma and a little stretching. During my breaks, I stand up, leave the room, and walk to the front yard to get some sunshine. Then after work, I do more stretching and a 30 – 40 minute walking (fast and slow), jogging, and dancing. It really depends on the music that is playing. Stretch. Move. Shake!

Redecorate your Workstation
You might think that I’m lucky because I can do whatever I want since I only work from home. There’s no need to wake up early and take the train. I thank God for that; however, there are several disadvantages working at home. All the distractions from the television to chores can be a bit overwhelming. However, we follow a certain time just like in a normal office. The ONLY difference is the setting. A few of the staff work from home while a huge percent work in the main office.


That is why I suggest redecorating your workstation whether you’re in office or at home in order for you not to get bored. It took a while to find the perfect spot but I found our guest room perfect. WiFi connection is great. But since it’s really a bedroom, I have to be more careful.

So, I positioned my table where I can’t see the bed. I am now facing the wall where I displayed my media passes from my first job, gifts from friends, and a Papemelroti Kraft Poster (made from 100% unbleached recycled paper) that contains Optimism by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. 🙂 I also bought a new set of pens and colorful pads. These give me the energy to take tasks because I get to use a new pen and write on a piece of colorful paper.

Create a Playlist
In addition to redecorating the workstation, I also placed a small box where my phone and tablet can fit. I have created a playlist on Spotify to keep me going. Indeed, music has the answer to everything. Just browse and pick a genre then click play. Music instantly boosts your mood.

These are only a few of the many ways you can deal with post-holiday blues. However, it all depends on how you look at the year ahead. If you are full of positive energy, then going back to work or school will be a piece of cake. But if you are scared and doubtful of what lies ahead, just remember this quote.

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tell yourself every day is the best day and you’ll be okay. Okay? Happy 2015! #GoodVibes

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