The 5-Day Black and White Photo Challenge

Just recently, I was nominated by my good friend and fellow blogger, Camille to do the 5-Day Black and White Photo Challenge on Facebook. I love taking photos. Unfortunately, I don’t have my digital camera anymore or any of those great cameras available in the market (on my wishlist). But that won’t stop me because I truly love taking photos.

Not to mention, it doesn’t matter if it’s colored or not because photos tell a story. I am glad that I have a pretty decent smartphone because I was able to do the 5-Day Black and White Photo Challenge. Before I share with you my photos, here are the rules.

  • Take a picture of anything and everything!
  • Post the black and white photo every day for 5 days.
  • Nominate another to do the same.

5-Day Black and White Photo Challenge
(Rules: Post a black and white photo every day for 5 days and nominate another to do the same.)
Day 1 [Title]
Take a picture of anything and everything!
Nominating [Name]

Day 1: Reel Music

Photo Challenge Day1
I am not really sure what these are. But when we were doing our house cleaning, I noticed that I have never touched or opened this certain cabinet. It was high up and I needed a ladder. Scared of what I will see, I slowly opened and saw my grandfather’s other kept treasures. Besides the cameras from the past, he also kept his reel to reel tapes. There was Frank Sinatra and other names I am not familiar with.

Day 2: Lights

Photo Challenge Day2
This may be a common subject. But this one caught me by surprise. We were having lunch at π Breakfast & Pies and for no reason, I just looked up. And there was light, pretty lights enveloped in whisk-like wires. It’s just cool.

Day 3: Manger

Photo Challenge Day3
If you have been following my blog, you’ll know that we have an antique Nativity Scene. Like the reel to reel tapes, I again found an old yet fascinating item. My grandparent’s first Manger Scene set made of cardboard. They bought it in 1960s. And after all those years, it is still in good condition. So I decided to set it up as well.

Day 4: Salakot Chapel

Photo Challenge Day4
We never fail to visit my grandfather’s grave every other week. Apart from the sculptures and trees at Himlayang Pilipino Memorial Park, I love the view of the Salakot Chapel. The chapel is on the foreground while the clear blue sky as the background. Though in black and white, it still looks peaceful.

Day 5: Chuu and Buffy

Photo Challenge Day5
These two are my youngest hamsters and the cutest and noisiest of all. They are also the first hamsters who were born and raised here in our home. I just love them both. When I’m working, I sometimes put them inside their favorite hamster ball or leave them on the table next to my desk. They would just run around and play. When I stand to get something, sometimes they would follow me which means they want food or they just want my attention.

And that concludes my 5-Day Black and White Photo Challenge!

I hope you’re inspired to take the challenge (nominated or not) or to just take photos. Who knows you might stumble into someone or something fascinating. 🙂 If you do, please share it here on Clari Says!

Happy picture taking!

2 responses to “The 5-Day Black and White Photo Challenge”

  1. I did this, It’s a hoot.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had so much fun! 🙂


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