Clari Says Happy First Anniversary

A year ago today, my blog Clari Says became available for online viewing. Clari Says is not my first blog. There was Its Watchamacallit: A Pinch of Random Thoughts Seasoned with Words and Sheyda, a secret project I was working on. I discontinued working on both because I wanted a fresh start; not to mention, I became sure of my blog’s identity.

Obviously, Clari Says is all about the things I love to do. They are not random. But they are definitely seasoned with happiness, thoughts and words. I am delighted that I was able to share different stories throughout the year. I am also thankful that there were a number of people who liked, shared, posted comments and a few that sent me emails.

YOU gave me strength and inspired me to blog more. This may not be a full time job with the benefits and all but I love to blog. Blogging gave me opportunities I would enjoy.

In fact, I used to work for a business magazine. Covering events in Metro Manila and abroad was fulfilling. But blogging introduced me to a different world where I can be myself. Before, I only see an event as an event, a food as a food I will consume, or a film that I will just watch. Now, I see stories, lessons, and a fun experience. Besides my new full time job, Clari Says is also here to lighten and brighten my day. So, thank you!

Here is a short slideshow “On the first year of Clari Says“.

I may not have a grand party or an extreme giveaway at the moment, but I created a Blog Anniversary Playlist on Spotify. It is packed with my present favorite songs which you can listen to anytime, anywhere. These songs get me through the day and I hope it does you good as well.


3 responses to “Clari Says Happy First Anniversary”

  1. Happy Anniversary Clari! 😀
    Cheers to more years of blogging! 🙂 😉

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    1. Thank you, Jasper! 😀 Cheers!!!

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  2. […] 1. Let’s start with my blog’s second anniversary. If you’re reading my blog, you’ll notice I have never ever had a giveaway. Heck! I thought I won’t be able to offer one on my blog’s 2nd anniversary. […]


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