Bag of Memories and Tagaytay

I have always hated crowds and I try to escape them as much as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I am not claustrophobic. In fact, crowds are good because they cheer up the streets and put colour day and night. Sometimes a person needs quiet time. It may seem dull to some, but peace and serenity can be as inspiring as those busy streets.

Then and Now

As I stare at the gloomy but uplifting view of the Taal Volcano, memories came rushing in my mind.

There were a few cars and it wasn’t difficult to find a parking spot. In fact, there were more people than cars. Instead of phones, digital cameras and DSLRs, there was only one simple camera per family. The children even parents pose without worries of how the pictures will come out. Not only that, but they made the best of every shot because they only brought maybe 12, 24 or 30 shots, unlike the people I see below.

Each person had a camera – phone, digital camera, and DSLR. Even if there’s only one pose, you get three different copies from each gadget. I do hope they get a clear shot of the great view they are neglecting. I wish they would savour every moment they have a great view. But that’s their choice. I’m just glad I get to see this again.

I’ve been here many times, in different spots but with the same majestic view. The only difference from my previous trips to Tagaytay is the company I have and place to eat. We used to bring our own food and bond. Nowadays, families would choose the perfect restaurant or hotel. I don’t blame anyone since everything became more convenient at this stage.

So from family picnics to get-together with friends, I went on a short road trip with a very special person and enjoyed an al fresco dining with a superb garden setting at Bag of Beans.

On our way back to the busy city, we bought some plants and a pinwheel to remind us of this short and sweet escape.

Happy travelling!

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