Movie Etiquette: A Theatrical Peace of Mind

I believe that everyone has the right to do anything they want anytime anywhere. But still, there are rules to follow and things to consider. For instance, watching a movie in a theatre, everyone knows the dos and don’ts. Some of these rules are written while some are just plain common sense. Sadly, in this day and age, the audience is disregarding many things.

Surely, many of us had an unpleasant movie experience. Not because of the movie, but due to person sitting next to you, in front or at the back. It may not be every trip but once in a while, it happens. With that, I have listed guidelines for everyone’s theatrical peace of mind.

Avoid talking loudly.

There may be a time wherein you want to ask your seatmate something. That is acceptable as long as you don’t do it every minute to the point of disruption. Worst case is when the one you’re asking says everything about the movie. SPOILER ALERT! We hate that don’t we?

Image courtesy of marcolm at
Image courtesy of marcolm at

What you can do is watch the trailer, read reviews or ask your friends beforehand. Be an educated viewer. Better yet, pay attention to fully understand the film. Besides that, loudly commenting or laughing out of nowhere can be an issue. I’ve encountered this type of moviegoer who loves to laugh excessively and gives comments for everyone to hear. Imagine watching “The Fault In Our Stars” and suddenly you hear a late laugh and a side comment.

Put your mobile on silent or vibrate.

Mobiles are essential to everyone. It’s a device that helps us connect with our family, friends and colleagues. However, in this situation, you need to put it in silent or vibrate. You can check if there are messages or calls for a few seconds because the light coming from the phone is distracting. BUT if you need to answer or make a call, please don’t do it in your seat. Quietly leave an answer or make a call away from a hearing distance.

I’ve experienced this while watching “Maleficent”. A man sitting in the row in front of me answered a call. I wished he was subtle about it or told the caller that he’ll call after the film. Better yet, did not answer it at all. But NO! Worst part of it, we could hear the conversation.

Another experience was while watching Breaking Dawn part 1. Now, many hate this film franchise. If you hate, it doesn’t watch it at all. Don’t even go to the theatre and use your tablet. We get it. You hate it. But we paid to watch it on the big screen. Similar to phones and probably worse, the light from the tablet is even more distracting. Plus, a tablet is bigger than a phone! You can’t hide it at all.

Put your feet where it belongs.

If you’re watching a movie at home, you can put your feet anywhere. You can tap, kick or do whatever you desire as long as you don’t do it inside the theatre. This is definitely one of my pet peeves. I have experienced this a million times! This is okay if there is no one seated; however, it is still not proper. Control yourself or practice not doing these things. In a few trips to the theatre, you will be over it. OR, imagine someone doing that to you. Someone places his/her feet near your head and kicking the back of your seat. Think about that!

Tip for moviegoers who experience this, go visit another theatre. This stuff usually happens at theatres that aren’t built for everyone’s convenience.

Do everything you need to do before the film starts.

This includes going to the restroom and buying snacks. A tip for parents taking their kids, elders and people who bought a large cola, choose a SUITABLE seat. I go to the movies with my grandmother most of the time. With those experiences, I have chosen the perfect seat to avoid stress in my grandmother’s part and others as well.

These bad experiences in the theatre may look inevitable but can be avoided and stopped. The victim even the witnesses should speak up and make a move. If no one says something, people will think that it is okay and keep doing it. Worst case is others will follow placing the modern-day audience in a bad light. We all paid the same amount to enjoy the movie, so let’s be conscious of our actions.

I’m sure you have more things to add. Feel free share your experiences below or give tips on what to do and how to avoid it.

Thanks for reading!

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