Get Sassooned with Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care

On the second week of June, Belle de Jour offered two FREE products. Bellas can choose between Olay and Vidal Sassoon. I chose to get sassooned with Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care. Target shipping date for Vidal Sassoon Trial Pack was June 20. Mine was shipped on June 23 and received my trial pack on June 25th.

Time for Some Hair Care
I’m pretty sure everyone noticed the fickle weather. We have been experiencing it for the past couple of weeks and it’s quite annoying. One problem it has caused me is my hair. After shampooing, my hair would be in a normal state. Then after a few hours, it would either be dry or sticky depending on the weather and the smell wears off easily. So from long to medium length, I had to chop it off again.

Though my face is quite round and having a shorter hair would emphasize it, it wasn’t an issue to me anymore. I just need to be able to manage my hair with the current weather. I’m glad I read BDJ’s newsletter because it’s time to change my hair care.

Get Sassooned
Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care Shampoo and Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care Conditioner work hand-in-hand. I normally use conditioner 2-3 times a week and sometimes depending on the weather. But for this product, they work better together.

Just make sure that before you apply the conditioner, allow the shampoo to stay and penetrate your hair. Massage and rinse it thoroughly. Then, apply an adequate amount of conditioner and spread it all over. Leave it for at least 5 minutes and rinse well. My hair felt softer, manageable and most especially, the pleasant smell lasted longer. Though the fragrance is divine, it does remind me of another shampoo. Nevertheless, the smell lasted longer than expected.

In addition, the packaging is strikingly colourful and attractive. Plus, I didn’t have a difficult time squeezing out the product. The shampoo just slides down.  🙂

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