The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Review

Finally, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hit theatres last May.

I created a post entitled, Top 10 Movies to Watch this 2014 early this year. I wrote, “It’s sad that Tobey isn’t Spider-Man anymore but I personally prefer this version. It gives a whole new path and more information about his parents. Moreover, it gives us Gwen Stacy, the Rhino and Electro.”

Moreover, I ranked The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as number 7 on the said post.

Honestly, I thought that The Amazing Spider-Man will not be as interesting or as entertaining as the previous Spider-Man movie trilogy which starred Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. But I was wrong.

A Film Reboot

The Amazing Spider-Man gave us a whole new Peter Parker and Spider-Man as a whole. Meaning, Peter Parker did not transform into a different person after putting on the suit. I think Andrew Garfield is the perfect actor and he played both well. He is a spirited, funny, and typical high school boy except for the enhanced abilities of a spider.

He is the kind of Spider-Man I was looking for and the kind that the recent generation can appreciate more. Also, the film reboot was fresh. The casting was right and it had a more interesting storyline. Not to mention, the first film also brought us Gwen Stacy known as Peter’s first true love.

The Amazing Part Two

Now for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it reminded me of the recent films produced by Marvel Studios wherein there was a lot of action and amazing effects. I was actually hoping to see Spidey fighting alongside Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, and Thor. But that won’t happen yet.

In fact, founder of Marvel Studios and co-producer on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Avi Arad said in an interview, “I think I’m probably a little bit of the militant here. I think it will take a moment in which we’ve run out of ideas. There’s so much to tell about Spider-Man. There’s so much to tell about the Sinister Six. The relationship between Spider-Man and Venom will bring a whole other world in.”

Not to mention, Amy Pascal Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group confirmed that Sony will never let go of Spider-Man.

Indeed, there is so much to tell about Spider-Man. And The Amazing Spider-Man 2 did say many things.

What I like about the film?

Actors – As I’ve said earlier, the casting was right and it is! Fresh faces and they all have chemistry. I’m not just referring to real-life couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone playing Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy respectively.

What about Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn? It was clear in the film, Andrew Garfield and Dane DeHaan’s on-screen rapport. Don’t forget, DeHaan’s transformation into the Green Goblin was really something. I’m excited to see more of him and the other villains.

Effects and Action Sequence – In today’s generation, we need special effects to meet the viewer’s expectations (imagination). Plus, it’s Spider-Man. There’s a lot of web-slinging and crime-fighting.

Story – Now this part is where people have mixed reactions. If some people loved it, there are those who found it confusing. Yes, I loved it but it lost me a few times. I read some reviews and they say that the narrative was unclear and there is an overabundance of characters.


But bear in mind, this is created by Sony and they have their own way and style. *We all know how Sony plays, right?

As a movie lover and comic fan, I gave it a chance and just went with the flow. I was interested in how the story will turn out since Sony Pictures presented a whole new “The Amazing Spider-Man”. From showing us the origin, the second film is more than just web-slinging and crime-fighting. We saw how Peter experienced despair and quit being Spider-Man. But eventually, he came back. Then we saw him fighting Rhino.

The last sentence of the synopsis written in says, “And as his old friend, Harry Osborn, returns, Peter comes to realize that all of his enemies have one thing in common: OsCorp.” Indeed, everything will be explained in The Amazing Spider-Man 3. I just hope they deliver it better than this and match or exceed the impact they made from the first one.

What I did not like?

That would be the sudden X-Men’ teaser playing at the end instead of The Amazing Spider-Man 3 which (by now) we know why.  😉


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