Dining with Friends at Lugang Café

My best friend Lisa has been reminding me about our lunch date at Lugang Café for how many weeks. But due to busy schedule, we kept on postponing our lunch date. Finally, last month we were able to dine at Lugang Café along with our high school friend, Jason.

The Café
Lugang Café offers a contemporary Taiwanese cuisine brought by the famed Bellagio Group of Restaurants. Since it first opened in the Philippines, the restaurant has caught the attention of the culinary world. In fact, for two consecutive years Lugang Café was a recipient of the Philippine Tatler’s 100 Best Restaurant Awards.

Not only that, the restaurant received a number of positive reviews from food bloggers and customers which in turn, caught the attention of my best friend. I, on the other hand, was fascinated with the interior. I almost pass by after mass at The Block, SM North EDSA. From where I stand, I can clearly see the inside.

As mentioned in my other posts, I love a restaurant that gives you enough space to move around because it helps me enjoy the food and company. Having a stylish interior, cozy ambiance and friendly staff are also big factors which led me to try Lugang Café.

Taiwanese Cuisine
Lugang Café offers a variety of Taiwanese cuisine such as: Dimsum, Seafoods, Pork, Beef, Vegetables, Noodles, Pot Rice Specialties and Congee, Hot Tea and Cold Tea, Sweet Soups, Iced Snacks and Cantonese Desserts.

My best friend and I had a difficult time choosing our food but ready for dessert. Just like in my recent food trips, I asked Jason to order for us instead.  🙂

Jason ordered: Photos are posted on my Zomato review!

We started with these soup-filled dumplings. I’m glad our friend informed us that it has soup inside preventing a messy first bite.  🙂 I wasn’t sure how hot the soup was inside, so I waited a few minutes before I tried one. And, I like how it burst in my mouth. You could taste the whole of it.

Filipinos love rice because it completes our meal. Lugang’s Golden Fried Rice w/ Egg and Shredded Pork goes well with the other food we had. Actually, it goes well in any dish.

Just look at how enticing Lugang’s Crispy Layered Pork is. I assure you it is CRISPY and irresistibly delicious ‘til the end.

This is my favorite dish from Lugang Café. The Chinese Crullers or Youtiao is actually a Chinese oil stick, Chinese doughnut or fried breadstick. It is crunchy even if it is soaked in the savory sauce of the stir-fried beef. Plus, it blends well with the stir-fried beef and sauce.

As mentioned, Lisa and I were in charge of the dessert. We choose:

It looks ordinary and easy to make but upon tasting, oh gosh! Tapioca, condensed milk and shaved ice are best friends. It’s deliciously sweet and perfect for my taste buds.

The last Mudslide I ate was a cake entirely drenched in chocolate cola. It was mouthwatering; however, I enjoyed Lugang’s Mudslide more. It is not only delicious and full of chocolate cookies but I get to share it with my friends. 🙂

The prices at Lugang Café are kind of expensive. But I can honestly say that there wasn’t something negative I experienced during our lunch date. The ambiance was cozy, the food was gratifying and I was with my friends. Indeed, my first Lugang Café experience was a delight.

Happy Eating!

Lugang Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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