Mang Larry’s Isawan: The Famous Isawan in UP Campus

When my friends and I need inspiration, fresh ideas and energy, we head over to Mang Larry’s Isawan.


Everyone knows how difficult and stressful thesis can be especially if you have other projects to finish like a short film. We were running out of energy and money that is why we were always in the University of the Philippines campus.

Looking for affordable printing or bookbinding services? Go to the Shopping Center. You’re hungry and thirsty but on a tight budget? Go to Lutong Bahay or visit Mang Larry’s Isawan.

Back in college, Mang Larry’s Isawan was located near the Shopping Center. Ever since Mang Larry already has a huge volume of customers. Since there were seven of us, we divided the tasks to save time. While four of us buy shakes at Lutong Bahay also known as UP LB, the others would wait for the isaw.

After that, my friends and I would go to the Oval to eat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. Those were the college days. Sadly, I wasn’t able to return there after graduation. That is why I was pleased when my high school friend brought me to Mang Larry’s Isawan: The Famous Isawan in UP Campus.

As mentioned, it was located near the Shopping Center. But now, Mang Larry’s Isawan is located in front of the International Center.

When we got there, we had to line up. It wasn’t that long when we arrived. But as minutes passed by, more and more people came making the line longer. I’m sure those are not just students and employees from UP but from other schools as well. There were even families. Basically, people from all walks of life can be seen buying at Mang Larry’s. These clearly show the huge impact of Mang Larry’s Isawan to customers.

Available at Mang Larry’s are as follows: Balun-Balunan (Php6), Special Isaw Pork (Php6), Pork Barbeque (Php10), Atay or Liver (Php6), Botchi (Php6), Isaw Manok (Php5), Isaw Baboy (Php6), Goto (Php6) and Tainga (Php6). For bulk order and catering services, call 433 7469 or 09173850432.

Visit Mang Larry’s Isawan: The Famous Isawan in UP Campus now and enjoy eating!

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