Everything is Awesome for The Lego Movie

Everything is awesome for the first-ever, full-length LEGO adventure film. The Lego Movie which opened in theaters last February 7th leads the box office for three consecutive weeks.

During its opening weekend, the film earned $69,050,279 with a Total Domestic Gross of $187,047,966 and Worldwide Gross of $279,547,966. It’s no surprise if The Lego Movie is dubbed as the most successful movie of the year.

The Toy
I’m sure you are aware of what Lego is, right? If not, (well you missed a lot) here are a few facts.

Lego is a popular interlocking toy brick manufactured by The Lego Group. It all began in 1932 when Ole Kirk Kristiansen, a Danish joiner and carpenter started making wooden toys. It was in 1958 when Ole Kirk Kristiansen’s son, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen submitted a patent application for the LeGO® brick.

Moreover, the name LeGO was the idea of Founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen himself. He took the first two letters of the Danish words LeG GODT which means “play well”. Indeed, it was clever. But what he did not know is that the word in Latin actually means “I put together”.

Since then, LeGO has been a part of every childhood memory. Kids spent many blissful hours imagining and constructing buildings using these colourful blocks. One can say that it is where the emergence of ideas started.

The Movie
To be honest, I did not think about watching it at all. But my friend (who I haven’t seen for a very long time) invited me to watch it. So I decided to check the trailer. When I reached the part:

Batman: To the batmobile! *Batmobile explodes* Dang it.
Wonder Woman: To the Invisible Jet! *Invisible Jet explodes* Dang it.

I laughed so hard and told myself why not give it a try.

On the first few minutes of the movie, I asked myself, “I wonder if I’ll be able to watch this ‘til the end.” But I’m glad I stayed. I never laughed and smiled that much. The Lego Movie mostly has a positive review; however, there are still a few negative ones.

For me, it was full of colour and life. You do not need to have a deeper understanding of the movie. You do not need to analyze every symbol or line. The Lego Movie may not be Wall-E or Frozen but it presented life lessons well. Not to mention, the hard-to-forget “Everything is Awesome” theme song.

Moreover, The Lego Movie has a simple plot. Yes, it can be quite confusing at certain scenes because of the different weird characters popping out of nowhere. But life is exactly like that, right? You just have to enjoy and watch the movie until the end.

I must also say that the lines and delivery were funny. The humour was simple but it captured not only the young ones’ hearts but the adults as well. In fact, The Lego Movie is not just a kids’ movie. It’s for everyone. It’s not even just for boys but girls, too. That is why many watched the movie as you can see in the film’s earnings.

If you haven’t watched The Lego Movie, go watch it. The film features the voices of Chris Pratt (Emmet Brickowski), Will Ferrell (Lord Business), Elizabeth Banks (Wyldstyle/Lucy), Will Arnett (Batman), Liam Neeson (Bad Cop/Good Cop) and Morgan Freeman (Vitruvius).

Visit The LEGO® Movie website and try their SigFig Creator. Here’s mine:

Have fun!

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