A Taste of Chicken Deli

Have you tried eating at Chicken Deli? If you haven’t heard of it or haven’t tried eating there, here’s my chicken delicious experience.

Chicken or the Egg
Chicken Deli, short for Chicken Delicious started in 1983 in Bacolod City, the home of Inasal. Chicken Inasal or inasal na manok is actually flame grilled chicken and the taste has a special place in the hearts of Filipinos. The founder of Chicken Deli put a lot of effort in serving the best quality and delicious Chicken Inasal to its customers.

How to Eat Chicken Deli Inasal

Not only that, Chicken Deli made sure that their Chicken Inasal is different from others. The special sauce brought in a number of Bacolod native customers. It wasn’t long before people in Manila and tourists started visiting Bacolod to taste Chicken Deli’s savory and perfectly grilled chicken. After conquering Bacolod, Chicken Deli made its way to Manila. In fact, Chicken Deli recently opened a branch in Mindanao Avenue.

Photo taken from: Facebook.com/chickendelibacolod
Photo taken from: Facebook.com/chickendelibacolod

Chicken Delicious
We visited Chicken Deli for two consecutive Sundays because I like the place and their food. Their Mindanao branch is easy to spot and has great parking. The interior is clean and has a good lighting. Plus, the manager and the staff are courteous.


For the food, they offer CD Meals, Fiesta Meals, Merienda (snack), Pampagana (appetizer), Panghimagas (dessert) and Tipid Meals (budget meal). There is also the Salo-Salo Meals perfect for a huge family. Whatever type of meal you choose, it’s worth it because it’s not that expensive and they have a fair serving. Not to mention, their food is delicious.

Screen Shot from Chickendelibacolod.com
Screen Shot from Chickendelibacolod.com

You do know that Filipinos love rice, right? So we chose the CD Meals because it’s rice all you can with free soup.

Now, if you’re with someone or your family choose Fiesta Meals or the Salo-Salo Meals respectively. The meals are perfect for sharing. Tipid Meals, on the other hand, is a great choice if you’re alone and on a budget. Your 69 pesos will go a long way.

After your delicious meal, try any of their Panghimagas or dessert. I recommend the Halo Deli! 🙂


If you would like to try eating here, you can visit Chicken Deli at: DMC Bldg. Mindanao Avenue corner Road 20 Quezon City. On weekdays, the store opens at 9:00 am to 10:00 pm and on weekends 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. You can also check their Facebook and website for the other branches.

Happy Eating!

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    1. I asked my friend what you just said. She told me that you were asking if it’s delicious there. Well, yes it is. 🙂 You should try some time. Thanks for reading and following my blog!


      1. your friend must have misinterpreted me. it actually means “wow delicious”. ofcourse i’ve tried. im a filipino. you’re welcome. i thought you’re from bacolod.


      2. Oh okay! 🙂 Oh no, I’m not. That’s okay. Thanks for reading! 🙂


      3. God bless and happy blogging.


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