The CloudPad 705w and CloudFone Excite 354g Bundle

Gadgets are becoming a necessity. For instance, the computer (desktop, netbook or laptop) helps people complete assignments and tasks. Smartphones and tablets allow people to stay connected with family, friends or clients. Not to mention, these gadgets can also be used for entertainment purposes.

The only thing that differentiates these gadgets from one another is the brand. If you analyze carefully, there are various established brands and new players in the market. But as long as a certain unit serves its purpose or is perfect for a person’s lifestyle, the brand does not matter.

In fact, there’s this new brand that I came to know last month. It’s called CloudFone, a fast-rising star in the telecommunications industry in the Philippines. The company has launched a number of affordable yet innovative smartphones and tablets.

Just recently, Globe Telecom, the leader in postpaid gave us a call offering the CloudPad 705w + CloudFone Excite 354g bundle for only P499 monthly complete with monthly consumable calls and texts as well as mobile surfing. My uncle asked me if I wanted to avail it. Since I wanted to buy a tablet and he wanted a new phone, I said why not.

CloudPad 705w
The CloudPad 705w has a 7-inch capacitive display running Android 4.2 Jellybean. It has a fair specification with 1.5GHz Dual Core Processor, 2MP rear camera, VGA front camera, ROM: 4GB and RAM: 1GB. The device supports up to 32GB micro SD card.

Since I already have an Android phone, I use my CloudPad 705w mainly for drawing cartoons, reading eBooks and checking my emails. But I did try the camera. Below are the photos.

I think they’re fine even without flash. You just need proper lighting if you want to use it to take photos. In addition, I have downloaded and played a few games there. I also watch videos on YouTube and listen to music. So far, I haven’t encountered any problems with it. I think it’s perfect for my lifestyle.

CloudFone Excite 354g
The CloudFone Excite 354g, on the other hand, is being used by my uncle. He has a business and needs to get in touch with every customer as well as with his employees. Since CloudFone Excite 354g is Dual SIM and Dual Standby, it’s easier for him to get in touch with them.

Not to mention, the 3.5″ HVGA touchscreen device runs in Android 4.2 Jellybean with 1.0 GHz Dual Core processor. It also has a 5MP Rear Camera with flash and VGA front camera.

Okay, so hold on there.

There is an issue in their camera. I have visited different sites. Under the comments area, people say it’s actually just 2MP etc. My Android phone’s camera is 5MP and the photos I take are super clear. Whether I use the regular camera or Cymera, it’s still clear. I am not really sure with the CloudFone Excite 354g.  I hope CloudFone and Globe Telecom clear that out.

Moreover, the camera has a flash. My uncle doesn’t use the camera much because we have a camera and a video camera. But I tried taking photos, it’s pretty decent though. If you’re not satisfied, you can always download an application like Cymera. You can take photos using that and edit there as well.

Now let’s move on to the other uses. Besides staying in touch with customers, he uses it to watch videos on YouTube, update his Facebook account, listen to music and download games in Google Play Store. Same with my review on the CloudPad 705w, he hasn’t encountered any problem.

These gadgets may be affordable; however, they function well. If you want to know more about CloudFone’s products, you may visit their website or visit their stores. If you want to avail of Globe’s CloudPad 705w and CloudFone Excite 354g Bundle or other offers, you may visit their website.

Thank you for reading!

BTW, thank you for your wonderful comments and questions. As much as I would like to help you with your concerns, it would be best to contact Globe directly or CloudFone regarding damage or malfunctions. You could ask Globe (if you availed the CloudPad 705w + CloudFone Excite 354g bundle) or CloudFone about warranty and device replacement.  😉

18 responses to “The CloudPad 705w and CloudFone Excite 354g Bundle”

  1. Hi Clari! I’ve been looking for some reviews and you gave a perfect one. Just like you, a Globe representative just called me this morning. (I wonder though if it’s really selective or just random; what do you think?) Anyway, I was given options to avail 499 plan.
    Huawei G526 LTE, Huawei Y320, Huawei Y511, Nokia Asha 503, Nokia Lumia 520, Samsung S Duos 2, Cloudpad705 W+ Cloudfone Excite 354G. Apparently, you availed the last option. It’s been two months, right? How are the gadgets now? Are they still in good shape? Also, I wonder, is the Cloudpad705 W just a tablet or a phablet?
    I’m looking forward to getting your reply.


    1. Hi Grace!

      I think Globe offered us the plan because we have been a subscriber for more than a year. We availed of their Tattoo Home Broadband Bundle. Are you a loyal subscriber as well?

      Anyway, we have been using the gadgets for almost 2 months. Both are in very good shape/condition and are working fine. I’m actually the one using the Cloudpad which is just a tablet. So far, I haven’t encountered any problem. I use it for research and entertainment purposes. All is well.

      I hope I answered your questions. Thank you for reading my post and glad you found it helpful! Have a great day!

      Clari 🙂


  2. Hi Clari!

    I got it! Yes, I’ve been a loyal Globe mobile and DSL subscriber for a few years now. It’s not random call, after all. Thanks for that info. 😉

    Your review about this bundle is definitely helpful. I may actually consider to pick this since it seems to be the most practical choice.

    Thanks a lot.




    1. Hi Grace,

      Oh nice! Thank you again. If ever you avail of it and receive the gadgets, please check it out immediately. That’s what I did. While my uncle was signing, I was opening it already, checking for damages and tried it out.

      I got pretty worried at first because I can’t find more information about the gadgets. Glad ours were fine. And, I’m also glad I could help.


      Clari 🙂


      1. Hi Ms Clari,
        Thank you for your quick response to my question. The customer sales agent actually says it to me as well that to check it out and giving me a 7 days outright replacement if anything’s wrong with the units. But will check it out when I have it before signing in the contract. This is a great help in providing me the feedback on the gadgets.
        God Bless,


  3. Hi,

    Ms Clari. Just looking for reviews on this as well. Globe also calls me this afternoon and decided to accept the Cloudfone Bundles that they were offering. I already have Globe Wimax subscription to them. Seems that too is the reason why they called me and offer me this. Anyway, just wanted to ask Does the CloudFone Excite 354G has a WIFI capability or your uncle just watching Youtube videos due to that it is a postpaid plan. Just cant find a descent complete specs of this phone even on their website that’s why I wanted to ask.

    Looking forward on your answer.



    1. Hi Mervin,

      The CloudFone Excite 354g has a WiFi capability. My uncle mainly uses it for calls and texts. He actually has a tablet but once in a while he uses his CloudFone Excite 354g to search online, update his Facebook and watch videos on YouTube. I hope I was able to answer your question.

      Thanks for reading my post and glad you found it helpful!

      Clari 🙂


  4. Hi Clari,
    I own a cloudpad 705w as well and I see to have issues with the wifi connection. Is the range really short? Even when I am very near the wifi device, i dont get very strong signal. We use ours mainly for our children and I found that I seem to be unable to save games in the sd card. Have you encountered these? Thanks!


    1. Hi Mommy Nicquee,

      Our Tattoo Home is 2mbps. We have around 5 devices. It would become slow if we connect at the same time. So, we limit it to 3 devices (computer and mobile phones) at a time.

      For the memory card, I haven’t encountered that with my cloudpad but did on my android phone. It turned out to be a gmail problem, so I used a new gmail to DL from Play Store. Plus, my memory card did not have enough space due to a game I downloaded. So I reformatted my phone and bought a new memiry card with higher memory.



  5. Hi Claire! Globe offer this plan too, to my mom and we are thinking to get it. I just want to know if the front cam of the two gadget is fine to use. And thank you for this review. This is a big help for us. 🙂 Thank you so much! 🙂


    1. Hi! 🙂

      The camera is okay. If you’re not that particular with the camera, this type of Cloudfone has an average one. The photos are okay with proper lighting. 🙂

      Honestly, I prefer using my mobile phone because the photos I take are clearer. Day or night, I have no problem. Besides, I mainly use my cloudpad for reading, reasearch and entertainment purposes. My uncle, on the other hand, uses his cloudfone mainly for calls and texts.

      Clari ❤


  6. ask ko lng po kung both fone and tab meron consumable text call and internet surfing saka panu po billing nya isasama po ba sa current bill acct ko sa dsl


    1. Hi Anne,

      Only the phone has consumable call and text as well as Internet surfing. The billing, on the other hand, is separate from your Tattoo home Broadband.


    2. Problem solved, thanks!


  7. Irish Alyssa Opana Avatar
    Irish Alyssa Opana

    Hi! Just want to ask. Is Cloudfone excite 354g can take screenshots? I can’t find an information about this issue! And also my camera application isn’t working now. Every time I opened it, its unfortunately stopped. What should be the best thing I can do with this? Thanks and Godbless!


    1. Hi Irish,

      Taking screenshots from Cloudfone excite 354g is possible. On the right side of your phone, there is a power button and the lower button you use to decrease the volume right? You click those two at the same time and voila!

      For the camera application, did you download this one? You can uninstall then install it again. It cases like this it’s usually a problem with the app you downloaded.

      Hope that helps!



      1. Always the best content from these prodigious writers.


  8. Lolita Narita Avatar
    Lolita Narita

    Why is that my cloudfone 354g has no signal, comparing from same phone, they have signal. What is the problem? Please reply…


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