The Old Spaghetti House Opens at Barrington Place

To dine out means to eat away from home. But it does not require eating expensively and uncomfortably. That is why we chose to have our Chinese New Year dinner at the recently opened The Old Spaghetti House at the Barrington Place in Congressional Avenue.

If you have been following my previous blog project called Dine Out, you’ll see the list of various restaurants I have tried. But I must say that this one is exceptional. The Old Spaghetti House offers great food and a positive ambience.

Step Inside

From the outside, you will instantly notice that the chairs and tables are neatly aligned giving you enough space to move around. You can also tell that the restaurant can accommodate a number of people and see that they have another room to accommodate even more. Now those are enough reason to lure you in.

Once you enter The Old Spaghetti House, you’ll be in for a big surprise. You will be greeted with a well-lit, clean and spacious restaurant. Not to mention, the antique furniture, classic lamps, inspiring wall displays and other vintage decorations. The perfect things that make one feel at home.

Speaking of inspiring wall displays, the interior design will energize your mind. Seeing the colourful bottles, royal chairs and pillows, makes you want to renovate your home. But it does not end there because their food is to die for.

Pasta, Pizza & Cookies

Obviously, spaghetti is their specialty. One might think that only kids eat this food. The answer is yes; however, The Old Spaghetti House offers three different sauces – red sauce, white sauce, and specialty sauce.

We ordered the following:

To be honest, they have the best Tuna Carbonara. It has the taste I have been looking for. The pizza, on the other hand; is also delicious. Thin crust and an ample amount of cheese, it just melts in your mouth.

Of course, for dessert is the chewy Van Dough Artisan Cookies. They gave us a free taste of different cookies. They were heavenly. My favorite is the Gluten-Free Flourless Double Chocolate Chip. I even bought one to eat in the car.

If you want to try eating at The Old Spaghetti House, you may visit them at the 2nd Floor of Barrington Place #31 Congressional Avenue, 1106 Quezon City, Philippines. Bring your family, friends or colleagues and definitely bring your children. While waiting for your food or if your children are done eating, they can play or read a book. There is small table and chairs on the side near the shelf full of toys and books. You won’t miss it!

Lastly, The Old Spaghetti House has the so-called TOSHMANIA club card that entitles bearer to discounts. If you want to be a member, simply ask the staff or the manager for more information.

Happy Eating!

The Old Spaghetti House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


2 responses to “The Old Spaghetti House Opens at Barrington Place”

  1. Thank you for the inspiring blog! – Cai Cacnio-Gonzales, Design Consultant for TOSH Congressional


    1. You’re welcome, Cai! Have a great day. 🙂



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