Filipino Favorites: Mami, Siopao, Pares at Tapsilog

Filipinos love to eat. In fact, we can’t start the day without eating breakfast. It gives us the energy to face the day. But it does not end there.

The average Filipino eats five times a day. So after breakfast, we have our merienda or snack. After lunch is another merienda then dinner for a total of five times. But some eat snacks afterwards while watching late night TV shows.

We are not that particular with the food we eat perhaps because Filipino cuisine is influenced by American, Chinese, Spanish, and Mexican to name a few. However, food such as mami, siopao, pares and tapasilog will always remain a Filipino favourite.

Mami and Siopao
Mami is a noodle soup introduced by Ma Mon Luk, a Chinese Filipino chef and entrepreneur. It comes in a variety of flavours such as beef, pork, and chicken. This is often paired with siopao or steamed buns which comes in two different stuffing. It can be asado or bola-bola.

These two are a Filipino favourite merienda which can actually be eaten during breakfast, lunch or dinner. One may argue that it’s a merienda. However, everyone agrees that Ma Mon Luk Restaurant’s siopao and mami are to die for.

Chinese Filipino chef Ma Mon Luk opened his first restaurant in Binondo, Manila. This is where he introduced the famous mami and siopao along with steamed dumplings. It became a huge it because of the impeccable taste and money well spent. If you want to taste it for yourself, you can visit them at 408 Quezon Ave. (nr. cor. Banawe Ave.), Quezon City Metro Manila, Philippines.

Pares which literally means pair, is an original Filipino dish. It is a combination of beef stew with garlic rice pared with a bowl of soup. The stew is cooked in soy sauce, anise and topped with spring onions. Again, this delicious Filipino dish can be eaten during breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you’re looking for the best pares in town, visit Pares Retiro. They have a branch at 344 Visayas Ave corner Congressional Ave, Quezon City which is open 24/7. Besides pares, they also offer lugaw, mami, soup, pancit, sizzling sisig and more.

Back in college, my friends and I always eat at UP because the food prices are reasonable and delicious. There are also a variety of choices which prevents you from eating the same food over and over.

But during our film and thesis days, Rodic’s famous tapsilog was our comfort food. It’s soft and tasty beef tapa relieves us from stress. That is why I am glad they opened a branch in Congressional Ave. Ext. (cor. Diamond St., Tierra Pura 6, Tandang Sora), Quezon City.

It was difficult to eat there because they are always jam-packed. But one late afternoon, we were able to have our early dinner. After ordering, that’s people started coming in. 🙂

Mami, siopao, pares and tapsilog are only a few of the many Filipino favourites. If you are interested in tasting these or craving for it, you know where to find the best ones.

Happy Eating!

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