Happy New Year

How is your 2014 going so far? Mine is kind of slow but I like it. I get to do more things after the Holiday rush. I am able to watch more movies, bond with my relatives and clean my room.


But before I go back to work and my normal schedule, I would like to share with you a glimpse of what my Christmas and New Year was like.

Also, be sure to check your email. I will be sharing new blog posts about restaurants and cafes I discovered. I hope you enjoy reading them. Thank you and Happy 2014!

My colleagues and I had a simple dinner slash Christmas Party at YakiMix, a popular buffet restaurant that serves Chinese, Japanese and Korean Cuisine. Not only that, but they also serve a few American, Filipino, Italian and Thai dishes.



Yakimix Trinoma (4/F Trinoma, Quezon City)
861-1718, 861-4022, 901-0057 (11:00AM-3:00PM, 5:00PM-10:30PM)

Christmas Eve and Day
We had a movie marathon and Noche Buena at home. Noche Buena, by the way is a feast with family on Christmas Eve. We usually do this at 11:00PM.

Movie Marathon

Then on Christmas Day, we went to church. After that, we visited our departed loved ones at the cemetery and ate a simple lunch at Banapple, SM North EDSA Sky Garden. Then after our Christmas dinner, we roam our city and saw the different Christmas decorations.





New Year’s Eve and Day
It is part of our tradition to light some fireworks and get rid of all the negative energy. So we bought fireworks from certified brands. Since it can be quite expensive, we bought it on New Year’s Eve because that’s when they lower the prices.



After that, we ate an early dinner so that we can prepare the food for our Media Noche. It is the feast with family on New Year’s Eve similar with Noche Buena. And of course, it gave us time to set up the fireworks, rocks to hold the box of fireworks upon lighting and garden hose in case of emergency.

Then on New Year’s Day, we went to church, visited our departed loved ones and ate lunch at a restaurant in Quezon City. Then at night, we again roam to see the different lights and decorations. But this time, we went to different cities.


That’s how I spent my Holiday. How about you? How did you spend yours?

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