Hello! I am Clari.

I have been writing film and food-related content under a different username since early 2010. I launched ClariSays.com in November 2013, where I continued writing reviews which I also add to my Zomato page.

Do you have something you want me to review, a film or series? Do you need food or product photos and videos? I am happy to take the shot. 🙂

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From Being Enchanted (2007) to Being Disenchanted (2022), the Magic is Still Present

“Well, it’s not that I’m unhappy. It just, sometimes I wonder if time’s just slipping away, and I’ll be riding a train over and over and over again for the rest of my life.” – Robert, Disenchanted 2022 The sequel to the box office success “Enchanted,” “Disenchanted,” a Disney+ Original, stars the original ensemble from […]

Disney’s Encanto: A Magical World (2021)

“You never hurt our family, Mirabel. We are broken… because of me.” I didn’t consider what movie or series to watch first as I waited for Disney+ to launch in the Philippines. All I know is that the list goes on, especially as Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe draws to a close. I […]

Let’s Celebrate: Nine Years of ClariSays.com and 10+ Years of Blogging

November 19 is a significant date for me. My name is Clari, and today is my birthday. I run a blog in addition to my day job. Since 2010, I’ve been blogging, however, a mishap forced me to start a new blog on a different platform. Clarisays.com was launched on November 19, 2013, as a […]

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