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As the name suggests, Clari Says is all about what Clari says, or in this case writes.

This blog is breathing due to Clari’s realization that time slipped from her hands. Well, she never had it to begin with. But she was too focused on the present and her family that she forgot to live and love at the same time.

To remind her of life’s beauty, she created ClariSays.com. This is where she shares the things she loves to do.

Films, food trips and sometimes other adventures.

Hi, my name is Clarissa but you may call me Clari. I am the blogger behind this website. This blog used to be cramped with various topics. Then I realized I love film and food more than anything else. Join me as I share my thoughts on films, restaurants and the food.


Meet Jean. She is a mom and a nurse who loves to cook and eat. She recently joined me and I do TEAM reviews with her (sometimes with our family and friends, too!). Families and friends who eat and go on food trips together, stay together. Am I right? Moving on, Jean is also in charge of the recipe section. If you have a dish in mind or a product you would like her to try, just send us an email or message us on social media.

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