Modern Toilet Restaurant

Are you okay? Can you handle this discovery?馃挬


If you’re following our Foodie On-The-Scene IG Story, pretty sure you’ve seen this post. Our friend Charlie is in Taipei and she shared with us this unique bathroom-themed restaurant called Modern Toilet. Yes, you read everything right!

The idea came when one of the owners was reading the manga, Dr. Slump on the toilet. First, they sold a big pile of chocolate ice cream on squat toilet-shaped containers. Soon that delicious and humorous spin became a huge thing in Taiwan. So, in May 2004 they launched the Modern Toilet Restaurant.

Apart from ice cream on squat toilet-shaped containers, they also serve Hot Pot Meals, Au Gratin Meals, Spaghetti Meals available in Creme Sauce, Tomato Sauce and Exotic Flavors as well as Steak.


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Happy eating!

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