Free Comic Book Day 2017 at Fully Booked BGC

Every first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day. So on May 6th I took some time off to visit Fully Booked and line up for some free comics. I usually visit the nearest Fully Booked branch but this year I decided to travel far. Why, you ask?

Well, there are two main reasons.

1. More Free Comics

Fully Booked together with Comic Odyssey give away free comics on that day. While all their participating branches give out one free comic per person, their Bonifacio High Street branch gives away three free comics. Yes, you can choose THREE free comic books! Since I brought someone, I was able to read six different comics.

Afterlife with Archie | Betty & Veronica | Enter the Lost World of the Warlord | Secret Empire/Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man | Scooby Apocalypse and Hanna-Barbera Preview Edition | The Haunted Mansion

2.Marvel Giveaway

A week before the FCBD, Fully Booked announced their Marvel Giveaway. I joined and won. 🙂 After lining up for the free comics, I claimed my prizes and got the following:

Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: The Black Vortex | Howard the Duck The Complete Collection Vol.1 | Iron Man Extremis | The New Avengers

Besides free comic books, some graphic novels, manga and pre-owned vinyl records were on sale. There were also special treats from ESSENSO Philippines and Jamba Juice Philippines. Moreover, some local artists like Mervin Malonzo, the author and artist behind the National Book Award-winning comic TABI PO were there, too!

Indeed, it was a fun and productive Free Comic Book Day at Fully Booked BGC. But since we live far away, we decided to go home after lunch. However, I was still feeling a little hyped so we searched for some other comic book sale in the Metro. And that’s where we discovered Northwest Estate and Collectibles.

Northwest Estate and Collectibles

Located at 170 K 1st Street Kamuning, Northwest Estate and Collectibles sells antiques, record albums, comic books, toys and other collectibles. The place is easy to find (Thank you, Google Maps). Just keep in mind that you are looking for a house. Yes, a house. Not a building establishment.

On the first floor, you’ll find various vinyl records and some antique. On the second floor, you’ll find several comic books, toys and other vintage collectibles. But since I already bought some items at the earlier event, I was only able to buy two items here.

No worries as I promised myself that I will be back! 🙂 There are several cool items here. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something you’ll love.



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