The ABC’s of Summer Grooming for Men

1. Fragrance

Summer season is the time of weightless and light fragrances. If you have woody, amber, and other strong scents, they can wait for the better times, put them aside. New York barbers recommend using the power of citrus and herbal fragrances instead. Mint, lemon, bergamot, and orange scents will make you feel fresh and confident!

2. Dry shampoo

Excessive heat, sweating, and contact with headwear have consequences for the way our hair looks. Sebum system of our body works harder during the summer season, thus making our mane appear greasy. Since everyday washing isn’t an option, you should use a dry shampoo instead. This product can absorb excessive oil instantly and make your hair look super clean. We recommend to apply it to the roots because this is where the grease is concentrated!


3. Lip balm

Our lips are the ones who can suffer the most if you don’t take care of them well. Since they lack melanin (pigment responsible for sun protection), they are extremely vulnerable and prone to damage. The best way to shield your tool for kissing is to use a lip balm with hydration and protective properties.

4. Hydration

We can’t but mention hydration because it’s a key element of summer grooming routine. Since our body has to go through challenging weather conditions, it’s essential to keep moisture on a perfect level; for this reason, you should drink enough water (not coffee, tea, or beer). New York barbers also underline the importance of hydrating lotions and face moisturizers for your skin! Your scalp and hair are thirsty for moisture as well, so condition deeply and regularly.

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