Change The Way You See Happiness

If I ask you what do you see, you will probably say trees, clouds, or the pretty blue sky. You are correct. When people see an unfamiliar place, that’s usually what they’ll notice first. But I have been here countless times. In fact, this place is very special because it signifies that I am near my grandfather’s grave.

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My grandfather passed away in 2006 and next month will be his 10th death anniversary. Though so much time have passed, I never felt sad because we always visit his grave every Monday. But when I graduated and started to work, Mondays were no longer free. So we visit on Sundays instead.

Taking this familiar road and seeing those familiar trees on a bright or cloudy day I couldn’t help but feel optimistic. That scene literally changed the way I see happiness.

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And happiness for me is being able to light a candle and say a prayer for my favorite grandfather.

Oh! How I wish my grandfather could see that wonderful scene… He loves taking photos and has quite a camera collection.

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So when mobile phones started to have cameras, I taught him how to use it. Camera phones are user-friendly; however, they aren’t majestic at all. But my grandfather embraced the change anyways. If he’s still with us, I’m sure he would have loved smartphones way more especially those with bigger screens and great camera like the Huawei P9.

This phone gives its users a unique camera experience as it is co-engineered with Leica. The camera possesses dual lenses that produces high quality photos; not to mention, allow users to take amazing monochrome, slo-mo, colored, light painting photos among others.

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Indeed, Huawei P9 has changed the way people see mobile photography. If you want to treasure lovely scenes and wonderful moments, don’t be afraid to capture them along with the Huawei P9, change the way you see mobile photography!

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