Common Hair Mistakes of Ladies with Natural Curls

1. Excessive blow-drying

According to experts at Prestige Salon NYC, blow-drying is something you should stay away from if you have naturally curly hair. The usage of blow dryer extracts moisture from your hair and increases chances of experiencing frizz. Dry your hair naturally and have no worries!

2. Poor hydration level

Curls have some peculiarities, which predetermine your daily hair care routine. Since curly hair is extremely thirsty for moisture, you should work well on the hydration level. Regular conditioning and oil treatments are some among many ways to keep your locks hydrated.

Common Hair Mistakes of Ladies with Natural Curls (2)

3. Bad choice of hair products

Naturally curly hair requires specific styling products in order to look its best; for this reason, you should make right choices. Experts at Prestige Salon NYC recommend avoiding products containing drying ingredients such as alcohols, detergents, and sulfates. They can take a serious toll on the moisture deposits of your hair!

4. Frequent shampooing

Frequent shampooing is another common mistake of the ladies with natural curls. Since curly hair is prone to dryness, you should avoid anything being able to cause this problem. Excessive washing is one of the easiest ways to deprive your hair of moisture and make it feel dehydrated.

5. Ignorance of frizzy problem

Curly hair is extremely vulnerable to frizz, and you can’t simply ignore this fact. You should do everything possible to solve this issue and don’t let it ruin your life. The best way to keep frizz at bay is to moisturize your hair thoroughly. You should also use styling products with anti-frizz properties to keep everything under control.

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