Men’s Hairstyling Mistakes

See which hairstyling mistakes are you guilty of and learn how to avoid them!

1. Wrong Style

Even the best haircut can be ruined if it’s not suitable for your hair length, type, and texture. Unfortunately, not every haircut we deem cool or attractive can be flattering to us. Sometimes we just have to accept the idea that we might need to choose something else. Ask a professional barber for a piece of advice on the haircut flattering for your facial structure. You might also need a consultation on the hair care products and how to use them.

2. Too Much Product

Using a strong-hold product but your hair still does not maintain the desired shape? There are two possible reasons. The product is either wrong for your hair and it weighs it down, or you are using too much of it. Make sure to apply no more than a dime-sized dollop at once. You can add more product later if needed.

3. Touching Your Hair

Keep your hands from your hair if you want your hairstyle to stay! Touch your hair in the morning when using a styling product and in the evening when combing. Hands off for the rest of the day! Otherwise, you ruin the shape and add oil and dirt to your hair making it look greasy.

4. Not Using The Product Properly

We’ve already mentioned using too much product, but there are other ways to use it wrong. You might apply too little of the product. It will result in the lack of the shape or texture depending on the intent. You also might apply it only to the ends of your hair. It will have the same disappointing results. Work in the product from the roots to the tips properly coating the shafts.

Stick to these tips from to avoid bad hair days!

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