Top 3 Hair Things Girls Should Do, But They Don’t

Being a girl is a very hard work. We have to take care of our hair, keep our face clean, and nails – polished. So, it is natural to feel a little bit lazy sometimes. Whether you have had a difficult day at work or at school, each of us needs a break from time to time. Unfortunately, in some cases, laziness can turn into a bad habit. Apart from a huge mess in your room, it can affect some shallow hair routine things, which cause a lot of problems. Our professionals at Natural Hair Salon in NYC have presented three most widespread hair must dos girls usually avoid.

Top 3 Hair Things Girls Should Do, But They Don’t Min (2)

Thing #1 Cleaning a shower drain
Every time you wash your head, some amount of your strands is washing away to the drain. So, naturally it becomes cluttered and prevents water from going away. Be brave enough to get rid of those horrible locks in your shower.

Thing #2 Cleaning your comb
Not many of us know that dirty comb actually makes your hair look greasy. The dirt gathers between combs teeth, and you simply pull it to your hair with your hands. Keep your comb clear to have nice and healthy strands.

Thing #3 Roots coloring
Adding some color to your roots is much easier and faster than dyeing the whole hair. God knows why mostly girls decide to visit a stylist for chemically burn their hair one more time.

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