The Search for the Perfect Planner

After tearing off the last coupon on my planner, I realized that it’s that time again. It is the time to search for the perfect planner for the year ahead.

Moonleaf Planner

Back in high school, we had an official Assignment notebook. There we write reminders, notes, and on the last pages some scribbles. It was a pretty boring notebook to be honest and I hated it. If that notebook mixes with your classmates’ or schoolmates’ notebook, you’ll never know which one is yours. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Oh heck, searching for a needle would be easier!

Then in college, having a nice notebook and sticky notes is a good help. But sometimes a planner makes things easier. Since we’re students, we can’t afford those real planners so we turned to Papemelroti’s Pocket Planners. For only P20 or $0.60 each, you can organize and take note of important dates. It’s very practical for us students.

Moreover, Papemelroti’s Planners come in two types – the dated Pocket Planners (as mentioned) and Book of Days. The only difference between these two is that the Book of Days (P29 or $0.83 each) can be used in any year. Additionally, both planners come in different designs usually with inspirational typography artwork. The Book of Days also contains quotes at the bottom of each page to keep the user inspired.

These are also a great gift for your younger siblings or cousins. In fact, I bought a few of these along with a Papemelroti notebooks for my younger cousins. They’re useful and affordable. Products from Papemelroti are 100% Earth-friendly recycled paper and made in the Philippines.

Traditional or Digital
But as you grow older and start to work, planners become your bestfriend. It helps you organize your day, week, and well the entire year. You won’t miss appointments, meetings, family gatherings, anniversaries and whatnot.

Even if we live in the era of smartphones, going digital isn’t always the best option in situations like this. Planners are more dependable and that is why people spend on planners. From a simple planner, I decided to search for the perfect one.

It wasn’t easy. Just when you thought you found one, the following year new planners with new designs come out. From two yearly choices, you’re up by another two choices.

Now why is that?

It only means that you don’t know how to properly utilize it.

Before the year ends, ask yourself. Do I really need a planner or just a simple notebook? What do I write there? If you can answers these, then go ahead and buy. No one is stopping you. Just make sure you won’t waste it.

My Planner
After 10 years of using planners, I can say that I have found the perfect planner. That would be The Moonleaf Tea Shop Planner. Besides loving their milk teas, I love the simplicity of their planners. Every year, they come up with something new.

My favorite is this year’s planner – Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner. They have the Pledge Doodle Space, a monthly theme, artworks, postcards, stickers, and of course discount coupons. I am proud to say that I was able to utilize my planner well.

And as I tore off the last discount coupon, I decided to buy The Moonleaf Tea Shop 2015 Planner at Moonleaf Tea Shop Congressional Avenue. For only 350 pesos, you get a simple planner with everything you need. Stickers and coupons are there. Plus, more space for writing reminders, schedules, and of course some random thoughts on the Notes page. I’m sure this planner won’t go to waste because I love writing my thoughts and I forget things 🙂 Not to mention, I love their milk teas a reward I give myself. All hail the discounts and free drinks during their anniversary and on my birthday!

Once you know what you look for in planner and why you need it, the search for the perfect planner will soon be over!

Good luck and Happy New Year!

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