Memorable Items from the Past

Are you familiar with American Pickers and Storage Wars? How about Baggage Battles? These are TV shows which you can watch on History Channel and Travel Channel respectively.

The Pickers -
The Pickers – Photo from

American Pickers
Treasures, valuable relics, lost artifacts are waiting to be discovered. The PICKERS, Mike Wolfe, owner of Antique Archaeology, and his business partner, Frank Fritz, visit small towns to hunt down these items. It doesn’t matter if it’s hidden in a junk, barn, and garages. If it’s worth something, the Pickers will find it.

Storage Wars NY -
Storage Wars NY – Photo from

Storage Wars
The items are unknown. The only way to see the items is to bid and if you’re lucky, it will be sold to you. Anything can happen in this show. The items are inside a box and locked inside a unit. The owner of the facility will cut the lock, raise the door and allow the bidders to peer inside for a few. After that, if you’re interested and you think that the items inside are worth it, then bid and fight for it.

Baggage Battles -
Baggage Battles – Photo from

Baggage Battles
See auction specialists Billy Leroy, Mark Meyer, and married couple Laurence and Sally Martin in action as they bid, buy and resell unclaimed properties. The catch, they don’t know what is inside the box, luggage or whatever container the items are stored in. They just have to rely on their instincts.

My uncle loves these shows and he would watch it over and over. I could not understand his fascination towards these shows. I admit it is kind of interesting but annoying at the same time. I hear people fight, bid and haggle. It was just too noisy for me.

Then one day, I decided to give the shows a chance. To be honest, I did enjoy watching. Though the shows have similarities, they have different characters and each has a different interest. With that, I came to understand my uncle’s fascination.

He loves the shows because…

  • you get to see the abandoned treasures or items (for the first time or see it again after how many years)
  • you learn the story and history behind the object
  • you learn about the present worth of each
  • you learn to appreciate everything you own
  • and you enjoy their conversations/ haggling moments

Watching the shows reminded me of the memorable items we kept from the past. My grandfather kept many things in his treasure chest and cabinet. I, on the other hand, also collected and kept a few items. Though mine does not seem that expensive, I think my grandfather’s items might be. Of course, we will not sell his collection.

Hidden Treasure
My grandfather likes reading novels, and the Reader’s Digest. But what he really loves is reading comic books. Keeping those in one box is not enough. Here are a few of his comic books.

Apart from reading, he also loves to take pictures. That is why we have these amazing cameras from the past.

There are many other things he bought like toys which he gave to his only son, who is also my uncle. He continued collecting toys and other interesting things and kept them in pretty good shape like the following.

Of course, here is my fair share of collections. I just hope I can keep them in mint condition.

Keeping such memorable items in our family is rare. Only a few are interested in keeping childhood or favorite items from the past. My grandmother would say, stop hoarding. I would tell her that, it’s not considered hoarding because we only keep things that we love very much.

Just like my grandfather, he loves comic books and he knows his grandchildren would want to read it. Fast forward to a few years, I never ran out of anything to read from novels to comic books. I have everything I need. My uncle, on the other hand, likes to collect vintage toys. Since it’s in good condition, we can display or play with it.

Now, it’s my turn to keep these loved items in good condition and share it along with my collection. Especially with the numerous gadgets that children can’t put down, I want my children and grandchildren to experience these memorable items from the past.

Happy Keeping!

Clari Says live, write and draw. Let’s create DIY projects, watch movies, go on food adventures and blog it all! Follow Clari Says on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram
Clari Says live, write and draw. Let’s create DIY projects, watch movies, go on food adventures and blog it all! Follow Clari Says on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram

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