Make Your Valentine’s Day Sweeter

Chocolate stores, florists and restaurants must be very excited and happy because in a few days, people will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. Though it’s unclear how it started, people around the globe celebrate it with their significant other.

Heart And Cupid On Paper Design Image courtesy of MR LIGHTMAN /
Heart And Cupid On Paper Design Image courtesy of MR LIGHTMAN /

But did you know that there are various stories about St. Valentine?

According to research, there might have been two or three martyrs whose feasts were celebrated on that day. One of them was a Roman priest and the other one was the bishop of Terni, Italy. It is said that they were persecuted in Rome by the Emperor Claudius II. In other stories, it says that the priest fell in love with the blind daughter of a jailer. The priest wrote a letter for her and signed “from your Valentine”. Lastly, February 14th was believed to be the date when birds begin to mate.

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated since the 14th century. From then on, the holiday evolved and people started to think and look for the perfect “love-token” for their significant other.

Valentine’s Gift
I did a little research and found out that the following are in the top Valentine’s gift for her. We have: designer bags, expensive perfume, jewelry or watch and Love Poems by Pablo Neruda. Other Valentine gift suggestions include spa and a weekend vacation.

But what if, you don’t have a huge budget? Don’t worry; there are other things that will make your Valentine’s Day sweeter.

Yes, it’s the most common Valentine gift. However, choosing the right flower and arrangement makes a huge difference. Pour your heart out with roses which symbolize love and passion.

There are various chocolate stores in the Metro. You just have to choose which one your significant other would like. You can buy her favorite, the most unique or do-it-yourself. This Valentine’s try something new and make chocolate confections for your sweetheart.

Now, the first two are perfect for your girlfriend or wife. But if she is not yet your girlfriend yet, then adding cupcakes can be a good idea. You can give it to her family and thus, winning their hearts as well.

Cupcakes are now a pop culture trend in the culinary world. From your kitchen to bakeries, cupcakes have indeed come a long way. In fact, they have various flavors – the classic favorites (chocolate and vanilla) and the fancy flavors (raspberry, blueberry, etc.) Just visit any cupcake store and choose which ones suit your amore.

The history of Valentine’s Day may be uncertain but not how people see it. As far as everyone knows, February is love month. Don’t care too much about expensive things. Instead, spread love not only with your significant other but also with your family, friends and everyone else.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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