Just Married

Before I fell in love with words, with setting skies and singing birds – it was you I fell in love with first.

This is First Love from Love & Misadventures by Lang Leav.

Last month, around three couples I know got married. Actually, one of the three is a celebrity couple. TV hosts Drew Arellano and Iya Villania tied the knot on January 31st in Tagaytay. The celebrity couple has been together for nine years and it’s wonderful to see them together. By the way, have you seen their cool and artistic engagement photos?

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The second couple that tied the knot is my high school batchmates. They have been together for almost two years. Who knew that they were meant for each other? They went in the same high school but different college. Plus, the guy went back to Canada after graduation. Now, they are married. Life is really full of surprises.

The last but actually the first couple to get married among the three is my best friend, Lisa and Eric. They have been together for exactly two years. In fact, they celebrated their last monthsary on January 17th and tied the knot the next day.

Preparations, Preparations
Months before the wedding, I have seen how Lisa got stressed a couple of times. Problems involved the guests, entourage, gowns and the like. But those things did not stop them. Lisa and Eric had it all planned out. They fixed the schedules and got in touch with everyone. Now who needs a wedding planner if both parties could be efficient? The plus side is they both get to enjoy every moment.

To be honest, they were the first couple I saw who were hands on. Not to mention, the groom. A few minutes before the wedding, I could see Eric running around the church checking on everyone. When he saw us, he approached us immediately and handed the flowers. It was shocked but I found it funny. I mean he should be just there standing and relaxing. But no, he wanted to make sure everyone is okay and prepared.


Planning a wedding is not easy; however, the hassles and long wait were worth it. Seeing the entourage complete and your friends in place is a huge relief. Seeing your best friend walking the aisle and smiling is a joy. And finally hearing the words “I do” from the bride and groom’s lips is pure bliss.

These couples deserve the happiness they are experiencing. To the three couples, congratulations to forever and a very happy first Valentine’s as husband and wife!

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