O, Christmas Tree!

Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the world. With it came various traditions and icons one of which is the Christmas tree.

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During the holiday season, families color their homes with lights and holiday decorations. You will see the traditional red and green colors and sometimes an accent of gold. But there are those who prefer to experiment with colors. They colors blue, violet, pink, green and other shades. Though homes even office buildings have a different motif, there is one decoration they will never miss.

A well-lit Christmas tree!


There was light

Have you ever wondered how the tradition of Christmas lighting came?

There are various stories about that. Historians say the tradition of lighting darkness traces back to the midwinter festival celebrated by Norsemen called the Yule. They feast, drink and watch fire leap around the burning Yule log. Another story was linked to Martin Luther. He was the first one to light candles and attached them on to a small evergreen tree. This took the impression of a starlit heaven.

It is difficult to trace who exactly lit the first Christmas tree. But long before that, plants and trees remain green during winter. This adds color to those dull, cold nights. Now that we all celebrate Christmas, these trees continue to give meaning – family, love, happiness and hope. Decorating and lighting one makes it even more special.

One size fits all

Tree Collage
Besides the Nativity Scene, the Christmas tree is also essential. Since it’s a popular décor, malls sell different sizes of Christmas trees. No matter how small or huge the tree is, people have a way of transforming it into something even more beautiful. People learned to mix and match colors.

I remember attending a Christmas tree making contest. Creativity and innovation go hand-in-hand. I never thought of using other materials besides paper and cardboard to create my own Christmas tree. The participants’ creation was amazing.

Tree Collage3

This only proves that whatever material you use as long as you have a vision, you’ll work wonders.

If you’re about to set up your Christmas tree, then watch this short video and  you might find an inspiration. Good luck!


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